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Elizabeth McPhee married Rawlings Moon

Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune
January 24, 1946
Death Claims Pioneer
Woman Of Glen Leslie
Born at Orillia, Ont. Mrs. Elizabeth Moon
came to Glen Leslie in 1912 over the long trail-Played Important Part In The Material And Spiritual Development of This Country

On January 16, death claimed one of Glen Leslie's very early pioneer women in the person of Elizabeth Moon.
The funeral which was largely attended despite bad roads, was held on Sunday from Glen Leslie church, Rev J. A. Roskam of McLauren Baptist Church of Grande Prairie officiated.
The floral tributes covered and banked the casket. Burial took place in Glen Leslie cemetery.
Pallbearers were Rex Patterson, Jack Lowe, A. Christie, E. Leslie, Sam Hunter and Jack Stark.
Mr. Roskam referred to the wonderful life of Mrs. Moon, who was known in the community as "Grandma Moon." He also emphasized her wonderful contribution to her community during the long years she lived in the district. He spoke of her great Christian faith and her hospitality, her home being always open to everyone.
Mrs. Moon was born at Orillia, Ontario 81 years ago, where she was married to Charles Moon, who passed away there in 1904. In the following year Mrs. Moon moved with her family to Edmonton. In 1912 she came to Glen Leslie district over the long trail, where she established a home.
A Baptist in religion, she supported every worthwhile cause in her community.
Six sons and three daughters survive: Norman, Grande Prairie; Charles, Peter, Bob, Alfred and Fred living in Glen Leslie district; Mrs. J. A. Scott, London, Ont. Mrs. Ross Walen and Mrs. J. Mitchell, of Bezanson.
There are 37 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.
With the exception of Mrs. Scott of London, all members of the family were present at the funeral.
Last fall every member of the family joined in a family gathering held at the home of Mrs. Moon.
And thus passes a pioneer woman who played her part in the material and spiritual development of this country, a woman who has left place that will be hard o fill.

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