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DHT Mon, Jan 9 1967 pg 3. col 4-5\

North Pioneer's Funeral Today
  BEZANSON (Staff) - Funeral service will be held here this afternoon for William James Moody, one-time ferry pilot at the Smoky River Crossing five miles east.
  Mr. Moody, 91 died Tuesday at his farm residence along the river he helped progress conquer.
  Funeral service will be held from the community centre here at 2 p.m. Burial will follow in Glen Leslie Cemetery.
  Mr. Moody operated the ferry at Moody' Crossing from 1922 until 1942 when he retired. The ferry was replaced by a steel bridge 1n 1949.
  In a Sept. 30, 1966 interview, Mr. Moody recalled his days as a ferry pilot. He took a few chilly spills in the river, he admitted, but there "were no narrow escapes, I used my head." Often, he said, travelers would roust the family from bed in the middle of he night for passage across the Smoky.
  Born in South Hampton, England, Mr. Moody moved with his wife and four sons to the banks of the Smoky in 1919 to homestead. Mr. and Mrs. Moody celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary last fall.
  He is survived by his wife Harriet; four sons, Bob and Ron of Bezanson, Bill of Victoria and Reg of Goodwin; 14 grandchildren and 46 great grandchildren.

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Blanche Moody married Nelson McLaughlin (1927)

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Florence Moody married Merle Minto

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