John Purvis

John Purvis of Grande Prairie, member of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment as a Lance Corporal during the Second World War, Purves was killed in action on the 16th December 1943, he is buried in the Moro River War Cemetery, Italy. On January 1944 the Canadian Corps selected the site of the Moro River War Cemetery with the intension that it would contain the graves of those who died in the Ortona battle. The Battle of Ortona saw some of the bitterest and fiercest fighting of the Second World War. The fighting was house to house literally - the Canadians blasted their way through walls to get from building to building. The battle continued over Christmas Day, 1943 but three days later the Germans withdrew. Today, there are 1,615 graves in the cemetery, of which over 50 are unidentified and 1,375 are Canadian. John was the son of William and Sarah Purvis; he was 22 years old.
"At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them."


Remembered with Honour - Moro River Canadian War Cemetery 

Block 51, Lot 8

Sarah McSorley married William Purves (1919)

Block 34, Sub 3, Lot 6

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