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Pioneer Woman Of Kleskun Hill Dist. Called By Death

Mrs. Elizabeth Tempest came to the Peace River cemetery in 1915 - was Post Mistress at Kleskun Hill for 23 years- many attend the funeral, held from Glen Leslie church - Rev. C. E. Fisher officiated.

   Death removed one of Kleskun Hill's oldest pioneer women, in the person of Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Tempest, who passed away Friday August 23, after a month's illness.

   Her son: Julian, arrived from Dayton, Ohio, by car and was with his mother when she died. Mrs. Tempest, who was in her 72nd year, was imbued with the spirit of the pioneer and never hesitated to play her part in the life of her community. Hospitable to a fault, her home was open to everyone. Her kindly nature made her beloved by all who had the good fortune to know her.

   Born at Comanche, Iowa, Mrs. Tempest came to the Kleskun Hill district in 1915, her husband having arrived in 1913 At that time the railway only went as far as Watino and Mrs. Tempest made the trip to Bezanson in a gasoline boat.

   For 23 years Mrs. Tempest ran the post office at Kleskun Hill and was widely known in the east section, all of whom will deeply regret her passing. It can be truly said that the world is the better for having her lived in it.
   She was predeceased by her husband in 1937.

   Those left are a son, Julian, two brothers and three sisters living in the United States.

   The funeral was held on Monday, services being conducted in the Glen Leslie Church. Rev. C. E. Fisher of Forbes Presbyterian Church, Grande Prairie officiated. The large attendance and the many floral tributes bore testimony to the very high esteem in which Mrs. Tempest was held.

   The pallbearers were: Bill Garrett, Stanley Fenton, Johnny DeMaere, Fred Vinet, Oscar Regnier, Abbie Bulford.

   Burial took place in the Glen Leslie cemetery. J. B. Oliver had charge of the funeral arrangements.

   Floral tributes were from: Julian, Blanch and family; Madelaine, Bill and children; Harry; the Fenton family; Mabel and Glenn; Phillip. Geneva, Billy, Ann and Gracie; Johnnie and Pearl; Old Timers' Association; Sandy, Jim and Tan; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leslie; Grande Prairie Cooperative Association; Mrs. Gray; Grace and Bill Ferris; Dorothy and Lawrence Cowell; Mr. and Mrs. R. Ames; John Harris and family; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fitzpatrick; Mr. and Mrs. H. Ford; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wagar and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Dryer; Mr. and Mrs. G. Brown and family; Mrs. Ginter; Ashly and Mrs. Thompson and the boys; Mr. and Mrs. Vinet and family; Mr. and Mrs. N. Kochalyk; Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Nichol; Mrs. Agatha Oe; Mrs. Czupryk; Mr. and Mrs. Podulsky and family, and many others.

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